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Our Products

Pressure Vessel

The types of pressure vessels according to their function are Storage Tank, Heat Exchanger, and Process Vessels. A pressure vessel may be spherical or cylindrical. Cylindrical vessels are more common, and their heads may be Hemispherical, Ellipsoidal, or Torisperical.

Skirt Fabrication

Skirts we manufacture serve as a cheap design for support of taller pressure vessels. Because they are basically cylinders with large diameter (usually close to pressure vessel diameter) the stress from induced loads will be low and moment of inertia will be high; two qualities desired. And their design calculation is similar to that for the pressure vessel.

Shell Fabrication

The 'shell' of a pressure vessels refers to its wall, which is typically cylindrical. The Shell is composed of metal plates with a thickness carefully calculated to sufficient contain the pressure of the vessel's content.

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