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A hemispherical head is an important and most critical component of pressure vessels. Due to the perfect shape they uniformly apply pressure across the surface. Its major applications include liquid or gas storage tanks. They are made of carbon steel, alloy steel or non-ferrous material. Hemi Head dish ends are manufactured by deep drawing, hot pressing, spinning and flanging for different applications. Its major uses are for reactors, transport tanks, heat exchangers used in oil & gas refineries and power plants.

Cerecmetalform is one of the leading manufacturers in India for Hemi Heads dish ends. The company has a well-equipped manufacturing facility in Vadodara, India and caters to offshore clients. Used primarily in the fabrication of pressure vessels, it is essential in various industries like chemical, power, water treatment and food processing. We take into factor several aspects to make products viable for diverse sectors. As premium dished ends manufacturers in India, we consider quality, quantity, material type/grade, manufacture code, shape, diameters (inside and outside) and minimum thickness.

Ellipsodial Head

Pressure vessel heads are of different types as they are designed to process gases or fluids. As reputed pressure vessel dished head manufacturers in India, the company follows the code and standards regulated by the ASME. We have skilled and qualified engineers to make the perfect Ellipsoidal Head for pressure vessels. They calculate the design condition, pressure and temperature for the wall thickness under internal pressure. It is approximately equal to the shell thickness.

If the Ellipsoidal Head thickness is approximately 12 mm then the shell thickness under internal pressure is also the same. An external application is used to introduce pressure and heat from another source. This is a highly skilled operation done by pressure vessel dished ends manufacturers in India. Qualified engineers at Ceremetalform ensure profile & thickness is maintained to obtain best quality dish ends.


The characteristics of the Torispherical Head are important as this design is mainly applied for pressure tanks and storage of liquids and gases. It is identified by the flat spherical shape which consists of a spherical surface. It also has a cylindrical height to match as per calculations. It contains a transaction section whose curvature radius is smaller than the sphere’s radius. For example, if the shell thickness under internal pressure is 12mm of the Torispherical Head will measure 21.24 mm. The head knuckle radius is about 6% of the inside crown radius. This is a highly skilled operation done by pressure vessel dished ends manufacturers in India.

Qualified engineers at Ceremetalform ensure profile & thickness is maintained to obtain best quality dish ends. Choose from our world class services to order specific parts. We have an inventory of the best pressure vessel parts in India for cylindrical or spherical designs.


Shaped like the cone, the Toricones are designed in this manner for a good reason. They are suited specifically for certain production processes. The design consists of a straight flange and a knuckle. The cone relies on the ASME keeping in mind the diameter, included angle and knuckle radius. This is a highly skilled operation done by pressure vessel dished ends manufacturers in India.

Ceremetalform brings its experience and advanced technology to produce Toricones for customers. The wide range of applications suitable for this design are for drum shells, pressure tanks, heat exchangers and storage tanks. We customize the design by using good quality cladded steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel. The engineers ensure that the vessel is able to hold external pressure at any operating temperature.

Expansion Bellow

The primary objective of expansion bellow is to expand or compress according to the axial movement in heat exchangers and boilers. It can be compensated for lateral, angular or axial deformation due to the pressure. It is extremely versatile in function and form. The material grade for making it includes alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel. Its major applications are for heat exchangers and pressure vessels. It is recognized by two concentric half sections with one circumferential seam. This design and application is used for absorbing the vibrations, compensating the movement and mitigating noise.

Even while testing the equipment same standards are used. Ceremetalform also offers various components required by clients. As one of the well known tank heads manufacturers in India, Cerecmetalform allows readily available options for industrial and production sectors. We are the pit stop for many clients who require our products for diverse applications. The company produces cost-effective options, maintain ASME codes and follow all safety procedures.

Roll shell

It is vital for roll shells to be of a superior quality so that the dies, bearings and rolls last long. Our endeavor is also to reduce vibrations in the pellet mill. Hence we make roll shells that can withstand high tolerance levels. We follow the bearings manufacturer codes to ascertain that the design suits the needs of the clients. We make corrugated, dimpled, open & closed styles for diverse industrial uses.

We have reliable partners dealing for many years due to our unique ability to customize the product for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, steam and rope drums. They are cylindrical or conical as per requirements. The material grades used are good quality cladded plates, carbon steel, alloy steel, duplex steel and stainless steel. The material can be cold formed with a pre-qualified welding procedure. Cerecmetalform is in the business of making different grades of roll shells for various applications.

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