Roll Shells

It is vital for roll shells to be of a superior quality so that the dies, bearings and rolls last long. Our endeavor is to also to reduce vibrations in the pellet mill. Hence we make roll shells that can withstand high tolerance levels. We follow the bearings manufacturer codes to ascertain the design suits the needs of the clients. We make corrugated, dimpled, open & closed styles for diverse industrial uses.

We have reliable partners dealing for many years due to our unique ability to customize the product for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, steam and rope drums. They are cylindrical or conical as per requirements. The material grades used are good quality cladded plates, carbon steel, alloy steel, duplex steel and stainless steel. The material can be cold formed with a pre-qualified welding procedure. Cerecmetalform is in the business of making different grades of roll shells for various applications.