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Elliptical Head

Metal Spinning is a metalworking process that involves the applicatin of force by a roller in order for the job, which is spinning at high speeds, to conform to the mandrel. Metal spinning transform a flat or performed metal into a axially sy,,etrical figure.

Torispherical Head

The characteristics of the Torispherical Head are important as this design is mainly applied for pressure tanks and storage of liquids and gases. It is identified by the flat spherical shape which consists of a spherical surface. It also has a cylindrical height to match as per calculations. It contains a transaction section whose curvature radius is smaller than the sphere’s radius. For example, if the shell thickness under internal pressure is 12mm of the Torispherical Head will measure 21.24 mm. The head knuckle radius is about 6% of the inside crown radius. This is a highly skilled operation done by pressure vessel dished ends manufacturers in India.

Flat dish End

Metal Spinning is one of the fabrication process employed to create tank heads for pressure vessels, storage tanks, and other process equipment. Because vessels are often subject to high pressure and harsh environments, manufacturers want to produce seamless, duarble, and stronger tank heads, this can be achieved by metal spinning.

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